Ethnographic Contexts (Asia)


Historical and anthropological knowledge concerning the migratory processes developed by populations originatng in the Indian sub-continent; . Ability to reflect on transformational processes (cultural, religious, political, etc.) within Indian diasporas, linking structural perspectives with perspectives focused on subject agency; . Ability to reconsider theoretical perspectives stemming from an anthropology based on the Indian sub-continent within a multi-sitituational perspective.

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Susana Salvaterra Trovão


Weekly - 4

Total - 168

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Teaching method

Classes consist of a presentation of the key ideas of each module by the teacher; an interactive component with students (through questions and other interactive strategies), and a part involving debate on specific topics.

Evaluation method

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Subject matter

I. Reconsidering Indian societies Caste system and hierarchy, dominance and ritual centrality Colonialism and its effects: the development of nationalism Plural identities II. Indian diasporas Stages and types of migrations (1820 – present-day) Reunion: a reinterpretation of Tamil Hinduism in tension with Brahamic Hinduism of Martinique and Guadalupe: minority familial Hinduisms. Trinidad and Tobago, Guinea and Surinam: ethnic and political reinterpretations of Hinduism Reconstructed Hinduisms in colonial British East Africa and Mozambique: a comparative analysis Indian migrations to Europe: reconstructed Hinduisms in the United Kingdom and in Portugal


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