Anthropology of Cyberspace


Discuss the importance of the new technologies for the Social Sciencesin general and for Anthropology in particular;
Contextualise the use of the internet in various themes elevant to anthropology;
Enunciate the use of the internet by peoples and cultures;
Discuss the various forms of utilisation of the internet as a "space of intercation and freedom" as well as the limitations of access;
Promote theorectical, methodological and ethical competences for anthropological research in the "virtual space".

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Margarida Maria de Menezes Ferreira Miranda Fernandes


Weekly - 4

Total - 168

Teaching language





CASTELLS, M. (2009[1996]) A Sociedade em rede. Lisboa: Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
ESCOBAR A. (1994) Welcome to Cyberia: notes on the anthropology of cyberculture. Current Anthropology. 35:211-32
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INDIGENOUS AFFAIRS (2003) Indigenous Peoples and Information Technologies - Special Issue, 2/03
WILSON, S. & L. Peterson. (2002). The Anthropology of Online Communities. Annual Review of Anthropology, 2002. 31:449–67

Teaching method

The sessions consist of lectures and the discussion of the texts and thematics they raise (50% of the sessions) being expected that the students
participate actively.

Evaluation method

Practical classes (50% of the sessions) consist in the drafting, accompanied by the lecturer, of a small research proposal around a theme selected by the students.(20%), Writte test (40%), Written essay with a maximum of 25000 characters.(40%)

Subject matter

For an ethnography of the cyberspace: Theoretical and methodological perspectives in the "virtual space";
The implications od the new technologies for anthropological reserach;
Transnational and miltusitred anthropology in the "virtual space";
New Technologies, new cultures?
Approaches to the "virtual worlds": The cyberspace as "field" of research in Anthropology.


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