Postgraduate Course in Globalization, Diplomacy and Security

Education objectives

The general objectives can be summarized as follows:
- Assess the great current risks and the possible balance in a global world, providing a high degree of theoretical and applied preparation, contributing to the qualification of candidates in the exercise of leadership, diplomacy or technical advisory functions in public structures of the State, companies, private bodies and within the framework of civil society in the current international system;
- Consolidate knowledge in a theoretical, practical and interdisciplinary framework on major national and international issues arising from the challenges and opportunities in a context of globalization and new security contours, enabling participants to better understand, debate the context of growing changes and risks in the contemporary world ;
- Provide participants with a set of knowledge and methodologies for simulation and prospective analysis, which allow a rigorous understanding of global, regional and national issues in the area of major international themes, in a multidimensional and multidisciplinary perspective, in a logic of connection between the areas of knowledge of International Relations and Military Sciences;
- Develop skills for applying knowledge to formulating, addressing and solving problems in diverse thematic contexts and complex situations, which result from the process of globalization and the current perception of risk and involve decision-making within the scope of international politics.

General characterization

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Postgraduate programmes



Access to other programs

Not applicable.


Teresa Maria Ferreira Rodrigues

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1600 Euros/year


Presencial Pós-Laboral

Teaching language

Portuguese Language

Degree pre-requisites

Total credits: 60 ECTS (50 credits based in the compulsory curricular units and 10 credits to be chosen in a set of elective optionals).

(1 ECTS - European Credit Transfer System = a 28-hour workload).

The Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas of the Universidade NOVA de Lisboa (NOVA FCSH), through the protocol established with the Instituto Universitário Militar (IUM), with the collaboration of the Instituto Diplomático (ID) of the Ministério dos Negócios Estrangeiros, ensures the operation of the Postgraduate course in Globalization, Diplomacy and Security.

Conditions of admittance

Application and access conditions to the cycle of studies reflect the conditions established in the national legislation, namely: - To hold a degree (1st cycle), or legal equivalent; - To hold a foreign academic degree recognized by the Scientific Council (SC) of NOVA FCSH; - To hold an academic, scientific or professional curriculum vitae, recognized by the Scientific Council (SC) of NOVA FCSH. Applicants will be selected and ranked according to the criteria annually defined in the application edict.

Evaluation rules

The evaluation regulation in force at the host institution is adopted. Each course unit describes evaluation methods in detail. 1) Mandatory precedence is not required for attending postgraduate courses. 2) The knowledge assessment is individual and will take place at the end of the academic semesters. In the assessment of knowledge, final written and / or oral tests, works or other elements of assessment carried out by students within the different curricular units will be considered under conditions to be defined by the respective teachers. The evaluation result will be expressed in a numerical scale from 0 to 20 values. 3) A student who obtains a final classification equal to or higher than 10 values is considered approved in a curricular unit.


Code Name ECTS
722071127 Strategic Evaluation - Simulation Exercises 10.0
722071124 Diplomacy in a Global World 10.0
722071123 Strategy 10.0
722071128 Global Studies 10.0
722071125 Media and International Politics 5.0
722071126 Prospective methodologies and tools in the Global World 5.0
Opções Condicionados
Code Name ECTS
722071087 Asian Studies 10.0
722071098 European Policies 10.0
Mandatory ECTS number: 10