Media and International Politics


1) Main Objectives:
a. Understand the importance of the media agenda and the political power for the media event.
b. Understand and analyze all the challenge of State’s role in constant moving world and reality.
2) Specific Objectives:
a. Interpret and analyze the evolution of the media strategic concept;
b. Recognize the State’s power.
c. Characterize and understand the threats that all States have to face in modern world.
d. Characterize and interpret the “new” risks and threats; the concept of security today; and the new type of conflict.
Recognize the media as main players in political life.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Patrícia Sofia Lopes Matos


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Total - 140

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Bonaglia, Federico, Goldstein, Andrea (2006), Globalização e desenvolvimento, Editorial Presença.
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Teaching method

The teaching method will be based on a symbiosis between theoretical classes and the assessment instrument (individual written work, with oral presentation). 

Evaluation method

Attendance and participation in sessions(30%), Individual work (written 60% / oral presentation 40%).(70%)

Subject matter

Understand the concept of Communications.
Characterize the scope of the Media Strategy.
Identify the different tools for media strategy.
Identify the modern society challenges.
Identify the terrorism as a threat for the States.
Understand the new data politics and its role for management of the public opinion.


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