Journalism on Culture


Cultural journalism applies to a vast and heterogeneous field, due, primarily, to the difficulty in defining the word «culture». Its characterization is not, today, dissociable from the context of cultural industries and creative industries, as well as from new technologies, which require a redefinition and expansion of cultural journalism and new skills for journalists. The objective of this seminar is to provide students with knowledge, techniques and resources specific to cultural journalism that will allow them to create journalistic pieces for different platforms, innovative in structure and original in themes.

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Responsible teacher

Dora dos Santos Silva


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Total - 280

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Teaching method

The teaching method has a large laboratory component, where students are expected to create journalistic content, and analysis of real cases.

Evaluation method

Criticism or review(35%), Digital format with engagement strategy(40%), Writing a developed story(25%)

Subject matter

Background: definitions and evolution of the concept of cultural journalism
What is expected of a cultural journalist? Skills and routines.

Journalistic genres in culture: the brief, the preview, the news, the report and the interview.
Specificities of the sub-areas of cultural journalism
Techniques and practices in the coverage of cultural news, follow-ups and features
New editorial approaches and innovative formats of cultural journalism in a digital environment


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