Stage Practices


To deeply know all the possibilities and difficulties of performing arts by means of practical exercises.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Paulo Filipe Gouveia Monteiro


Weekly - 3

Total - 280

Teaching language





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Teaching method

There will be workshops: big empty space, working clothes, body and voice training combined with table work on theatrical text or on texts and videos that inspire choreographic work and on options for staging and composition; progressive building of characters and of the final projects.

Evaluation method

The evaluation will consider attendance, participation during the classes, ability to work in groups, creativity, body and voice skills, capacities to direct or choreograph, and understanding of stage languages.(100%)

Subject matter

1) posture, relaxation, sensorial work and body’s freedom
2) contact improvisation;
3) relations between voice and body; breathing and good use of the voice;
4) options for transposing a dramatic text on stage
5) options to build a character;
6) methods for the actors and performers;
7) blocking, mise en place, composition ;
8) experimental presentation of a performing project.


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