Work Experience with Report in Performing Arts


a) To apply scientific and artistic knowledge when defining, creating, managing and evaluating projects and practices in Performing Arts; b) To develop an informed and critical reflection on the contexts and productions on the Performing Arts and therefore develop skills for professional life; d) To relate the formative, reflective, research dimensions with b); e) To write na informative and reflexive report; f) To promote and organize cultural events in the area of the Performing Arts, outside the borders of the training practice host institution.

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Responsible teacher

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Bibliografia específica adequada ao plano de estágio de cada estudante. Dependent on the nature of each student’s practice work plan.

Teaching method

Teaching methodologies assume essentially the nature of tutoring, supervision and organisation and management of analysis and reflection. Students will be guided by a professor of the study cycle who will be responsible for accompanying the dissertation. There will be regular meetings between the student and the dissertation supervisor until the final work is handed over; participation in scientific events; good use of on­line databases and libraries; definition of a working timetable and a research plan; definition of deadlines. The final Report will be evaluated during a public viva before a jury, according to the MA course regulations.

Evaluation method

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Subject matter

Each student will develop his/her individual work plan negotiated with the supervisor so as to develop the training practice with the Report within a reflective and critical perspective. The syllabus will depend on the specific practice topics and the specific analytical perspectives and bibliography will be given within the individual tutorial sessions.


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