Project Work in Sustainable Urbanism and Spatial Planning


a) To exercise the ability to research and to select and read relevant and appropriate bibliography.
b) To improve the ability of delimitate and formulate the objective of the research.
c) To exercise theoretical, methodological and critical analysis skills.
d) Display processes of reflective thinking.
e) Display a scientific and academical ethic behaviour.
f) Master the global organisation of the text displaying coherence.
g) Write in appropriate scholarly style, respecting quotation and bibliographic referencing norms.
h) Write with objectivity, concision and fluency, applying appropriate sintaxis and lexicon.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Margarida Angélica Pires Pereira Esteves


Weekly - Available soon

Total - 1176

Teaching language





Bibliografia específica adequada à investigação de cada estudante.
Dependent on the nature of each student’s research project.

Teaching method

Presentation and discussion of research questions and issues in .... Analysis of action research projects and study cases; critical and reflective analysis of the individual research project. Individual and small group tutoring sessions to support the organisation and writing of the project.

Evaluation method

The project work will be evaluated during a public viva before a jury, according to the MA course regulations.(100%)

Subject matter

a) To research: to be or not to be and for what.
b) research methodologies on ….
c) Research questions and objectives.
d) Data collection and analysis; presentation and discussion of results.
e) Searching, synthesizing, summarizing and critiquing.
f) Textual organization and planning.
g) Assessment of research in ….


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