Industrial Engineering

Education objectives

The PhD Programme in Industrial Engineering aims to train researchers, academics and leaders capable of carrying out research work independently in the scientific area of Industrial Engineering. Since the opportunities for professional doctorates in this branch of knowledge are at research and development related to public and private sector companies in public and private, and institutions of higher education. Thus, the PhD in Industrial Engineering aims to combine engineering research at doctoral level, with training which provides the necessary skills to develop, evaluate and disseminate process or product-oriented technology. 

The course was developed to ensure broad general skills in the Industrial Engineering area, established acording to the Dublin descriptors and expertise, gained through the completion of courses offered in the PhD in Industrial Engineering. The completion of these courses allow students to obtain specific skills namely in planning, control and management of operations, logistics, quality, innovation and strategic management of technology in the area of marketing, ergonomics, hygiene and safety, or information systems, applicable in industrial systems and / or services.

General characterization

DGES code



PhD (3rd Cycle)



Access to other programs

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António Carlos Bárbara Grilo

Opening date



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It depends on the working method of each training course. The working time for the classes will be agreed with each PhD student, or when there are more than 10 students in each year, it will be agreed with all students of the programme.


Teaching language

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Degree pre-requisites

Duration: 3 years

Credits: 180 ECTS

Mandatory scientifc areas

Scientific Area Acronym ECTS
Mandatory Optional
Industrial Engineering EI 150 -
Industrial Engineering or Mechanical Engineering CSE - 24
Any other area QAC - 6
TOTAL 150 30

Conditions of admittance

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Evaluation rules

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1.º Year
Code Name ECTS
12357 Soft Skills 3.0
12355 Conceção e Desenvolvimento do Plano de Tese 30.0
2.º Year
Code Name ECTS
12356 Thesis in Industrial Engineering 147.0