Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program


The Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program (UPOP) in Geological Engineering aims at promoting the participation of students, since early in their academic career, in practical activities in nonacademic environment. Through UPOPs, students should get to know the working environment of the company in the area of her degree, respecting the basic rules of the company, and should get to know what is the role in the company of the employees that already have the degree. It is expected that they develop transferable skills in working in teams, oral and written communication, and independent learning. Depending on the specific work developed by the student in the company, he/she will acquire specific knowledge on the subject area and, possibly, also some specific technical skills relevant to the placement.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Maria da Graça Azevedo de Brito, Paulo do Carmo de Sá Caetano


Weekly - 2

Total - 3

Teaching language



The student must be enrolled in the 3rd curricular year of the course.


Depends on the specific project chosen by the student.

Teaching method

Available soon

Evaluation method

Evaluation is accomplished by assessing the performance of the student by the supervisor in the company, a report delivered in which the student describes the activities and an oral presentation of this report.

Subject matter

The concrete syllabus depends on the specific project chosen by the student in the program.


Programs where the course is taught: