Geology of Portugal


Teach about the Portuguese Geology and resources.

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Responsible teacher

José Carlos Ribeiro Kullberg, Ligia Nunes de Sousa Pereira de Castro


Weekly - 3

Total - 52

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R. Dias, A. Araújo, P. Terrinha & J. C. Kullberg (Eds.) (2013) - Geologia de Portugal no contexto da Ibéria. 2 Vols: Vol I - Geologia
Pré-mesozóica de Portugal; Vol. II - Geologia Meso-cenozóica de Portugal. Escolar Editora: (807 +798 p.). ISBN: 978-972-592-364-1
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J. Pais, P. P., Cunha, D., Pereira, P., Legoinha, R., Dias, D., Moura, A. B., Silveira, J. C, Kullberg, J. A. González-Delgado (2012) - The Paleogene and Neogene of Western Iberia (Portugal): A Cenozoic record in the European Atlantic domain. Springer-Verlag, 158p. ISBN: 978-3-642-22400-3

Teaching method

- Theoretical lectures with multimedia support.

- Blended learning using Moodle course management system: powerpoint presentations and bibliography (.pdf; .doc; websites) as well as assessment – inquires, exercises, etc.

- Practical lessons with resolution of exercises concerning geological maps of Portugal.

- Field trip: observation and explanation of some pedagogical outcrops where stratigraphical concepts can be shown and aplied.

Evaluation method


Subject matter

History. Structural and morphological units: Iberia Meseta, Hesperic massif, Cantabrian - Asturian-Leonese, Middle Galicia - Trás-os-Montes, Centre Iberian, and South-Portuguese zones.

Pre-Cambrian and Paleozoic. Centre Iberian Zone. Domaines. Carboniferous basins. Granits. Ossa - Morena Zone. Sectors. Moinho da Ordem Basin. South-Portuguese Zone. Sectors. Evolution. Paleogeography.

Mesozoic. Lusitanian and Algarve Basins. Differentiation. Distention. Rifting. Megassequences. Subvulcanic massifs. Lisboa-Mafra "vulcanic complex".

Cenozoic. Douro, Mondego, Tejo (High- and Low-) and Ebro Basins differentiation. Alostratigraphy. Paleogene of the marine platform. Douro Basin, sedimentation, portuguese outcrops. Mondego Basin, litostratigraphy, megasequences, chronostratigraphy, correlations. Low Tagus Basin. Sectors. Lisboa - Península de Setúbal Miocene. Tectonics. Evolution. Paleogeography. Alvalade Basin, differentiation, litostratigraphy, correlations. Algarve platform, differentiation, units. Tectonics. Relations with Guadalquivir Basin. Pliocene; deposits; economic interest. Quaternary. Marine and fluvial Terraces. Karst. Glaciations. Alluviums. Antropic actions. Evolution of Coastal areas. Marine platform sedimentation.

Geology of the atlantic islands - Azores and Madeira.


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