Master Thesis in Bioenergy


The curricular unit objective is the realization of a technical or research work carries out by the students in autonomy. The students learn to do the state-of-art concerning a technological/scientific subject, including a critical synthesis of the diversified approaches and technological/scientific proposal. The students acquire the skills to apply the adequate research and development methodologies to realize the thesis work and the competences to elaborate the Master thesis. The results’ dissemination is encouraged, namely its publication in peer review journals and conferences, either national as international ones.

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Responsible teacher

Maria Margarida Boavida Pontes Gonçalves


Weekly - Available soon

Total - 32

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Scientific and technological papers and reference works in the scientific area or related ones of the Master thesis`s work.

Teaching method

The learning methodologies include individual students` sessions with the work supervisor for discussion and following up the activities and to ensure the requirements’ fulfillment necessary for the elaboration of the thesis work proposal. It can also include the attendance to specific seminaries.

Evaluation method

Elaboration and public discussion of the dissertation work.

Evaluation criteria: 1. Scientific/technical quality of the dissertation report (50%); 2. Oral presentation (15%); 3. Discussion of the work (20%); 4. Work presented in technical/scientific meetings (oral or poster communications), or in technical revues or that present relevance/application for companies or industries (5%) or 5. Work published or accepted for publication in scientific revues (15%).

Approval with a minimum classification of 10 values (out of 20 values)

Subject matter

Elaboration of Master Thesis´s work which includes planning the activities to be developed, the writing of the Master thesis and its public presentation and discussion. The results’ dissemination and validation by the scientific community is strongly encouraged.


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