Materials Engineering

Education objectives

This MSc programme offers the students an opportunity to contact with issues related
to the application in industrial technologies of knowledge pertaining to the properties, processing,
design and use of different materials'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' classes.

This study cycle is organized with an aim to:

  • provide the specific knowledge and competences necessary to perform a professional role;
  • provide the required correlation between acquired knowledge and the needs of the work market;
  • insure the development of a critical attitude and an autonomous creative posture within the course’s knowledge field;
  • instil capabilities for team work, leadership and entrepreneurship;

Teaching is undertaken according to a STS-E (Science, Technology, Society and Environment),
aiming to educate professionals for the future, caring for the planet’s sustainable development.

General characterization

DGES code



Integrated Master (1st Cycle  + 2nd Cycle)


Após a obtenção de 180 ECTS é concedido o grau de Licenciado. Com a conclusão do curso é atribuido o grau de Mestre.

Access to other programs

Access to a 3rd cycle


Alexandre José da Costa Velhinho

Opening date







Teaching language

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Degree pre-requisites

Duration: 5 years
300 ECTS

Scientific Area Acronym ECTS
Mandatory Optional
Transferable Skills CC 6  
Social Sciences and Humanities CHS 3  
Materials Science CMt 54  
Materials Science or Materials Engineering or Biomedical Engineering or Industrial Engineering CMt / EMt / EBm / EI   6
Materials Science or Materials Engineering or Social Sciences and Humanities CMt / EMt / CHS  


Industrial Engineering EI 6  
Materials Engineering EMt 132  
Physics F 18  
Informatics I 6  
Mathematics M 30  
Microelectronics and Nanotechnologies MNt 9  
Chemistry Q 12  
Any Scientific Area QAC   12 (a)
Total 276 24

(a) 12 ECTS in courses chosen by the student on a list approved annually by the Scientific Council of FCT/UNLwhich includes the unity of all scientific areas of FCT/UNL+9

Conditions of admittance

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Evaluation rules

The following modes of evaluation are used with regard to academic qualifications:

  1. Evaluation based solely on an examination or completion of a final project.
  2. Evaluation based on work done throughout the semester excluding examination or final project. In these courses students can expect to carry out, for example, laboratory activities, mini-tests, tests, individual or group projects, seminar-related activities, any combination of which will be used to determine the final grade.
  3. Evaluation based obligatorily on an examination or a final project. In these courses there extists a form of evaluation similar to one of the aformentioned activities in paragraph 2 as well as a form of evaluation based on a final exam.
  4. Evaluation based on work done throughout the semester with the possibility of foregoing an examination or a final project.

The final Dissertation (or Project) involves a public discussion with a Jury.


1.º Semester
Code Name ECTS
11505 Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometry 6.0
11504 Mathematical Analysis I 6.0
10352 Soft Skills for Science and Technology 3.0
10349 Physics I 6.0
10406 Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering 3.0
10407 Chemistry B 6.0
2.º Semester
Code Name ECTS
10347 Mathematical Analysis II C 6.0
10408 Crystal chemistry 6.0
10353 Physics II 6.0
10363 Introduction to Probability, Statistics and Operations Research 6.0
11195 General Organic Chemistry B 6.0
3.º Semester
Code Name ECTS
5004 Mathematical Analysis III C 6.0
10358 Science, Technology and Society 3.0
10413 Computer Aided Technical Drawing 3.0
10411 Physics III 6.0
1897 Physical Metallurgy and Metallography 6.0
10412 Polymer Chemistry 6.0
4.º Semester
Code Name ECTS
1491 Polymer Physics 6.0
11149 Informatics for Science and Engineering E 6.0
7464 Ceramic and Glass Materials 6.0
10194 Mechanics of Materials I 6.0
7471 Physical Properties of Materials 6.0
5.º Semester
Code Name ECTS
10144 Composites - Materials and Applications 6.0
1849 Semiconductor Materials 6.0
11506 Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies 3.0
11057 Techniques of Characterization and Nondestructive Testing 6.0
7474 Instrumentation Tecniques 6.0
5.º Semester - Opção PIIC/PIPP
Code Name ECTS
10593 Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program 3.0
10592 Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program 3.0
11437 Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program II 0.0
O aluno deverá obter 3.0 créditos nesta opção.
6.º Semester
Code Name ECTS
7492 Materials for Energy Conversion and Conservation 6.0
10195 Mechanics of Materials II 6.0
11044 Microelectronics I 6.0
10199 Ceramic and Glass Technologies 6.0
7490 Heat Treatment and Mechanical Treatment 6.0
7.º Semester
Code Name ECTS
5340 Biomaterials 6.0
10415 Advanced ceramics 3.0
10380 Entrepreneurship 3.0
7436 Rheology of Materials 6.0
10197 Metallic Materials Shaping Technologies 6.0
7.º Semester - Unidade Curricular do Bloco Livre A
Code Name ECTS
11066 Unrestricted Electives 6.0
O aluno deverá obter 6.0 créditos nesta opção.
8.º Semester
Code Name ECTS
10997 Surface Degradation and Protection 6.0
5278 Computational Modelling of Materials 6.0
3705 Quality Planning and Control 6.0
7522 Coatings and Thin Films Technologies 6.0
8.º Semester - Opção I
Code Name ECTS
7590 Biomechanics and Hemodynamics 6.0
7459 Foams and Cellular Materials 6.0
7452 Paper and Cellulosic Materials 6.0
7454 Flat Panel Displays Materials and Technology 6.0
3733 Production Planning and Control 6.0
7494 Surfaces and Interfaces 6.0
O aluno deverá obter 6.0 créditos nesta opção.
9.º Semester
Code Name ECTS
10201 Liquid Crystals an Applications 6.0
10200 Polymer Processing and Recycling 6.0
11507 Dissertation Project 3.0
11508 Sustainability and Materials Selection 3.0
9.º Semester - Opção II
Code Name ECTS
7824 Cements and Mineral Matrix Composites 6.0
10423 Business Management 3.0
10909 Building Materials 3.0
11045 Microelectronics II 6.0
7460 Sensors: Materials and Applications 6.0
10494 Foundry and Welding Technologies 6.0
10204 Knowledge and Technology Transfer 6.0
9.º Semester - Unidade Curricular do Bloco Livre B
Code Name ECTS
11066 Unrestricted Electives 6.0
O aluno deverá obter 6.0 créditos nesta opção.
10.º Semester
Code Name ECTS
10205 Dissertation in Materials Engineering 30.0