Polymer Chemistry


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General characterization





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Maria Helena Figueiredo Godinho


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1 - Polymer Chemistry (2nd edition), P.C. Hiemenz, T.P. lodge, CRC Press, London, 2007

2 - Introduction to Polymer Chemistry (2nd edition), C.E. Carraher, CRC Press, London, 2010.

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Subject matter

Introductory concepts; basic definitions; concept of a polymer; polymer nomenclature (common nomenclature).

Polymer molecular weights (degree of polymerization).

Polymerization processes. Reactivity of functional groups. Rate of polycondensation reactions. Uncatalyzed (self-catalyzed) polyesterification. Catalyzed polyesterification. Multi chain or nonlinear step polymerization. Branching. Cross-linking. Dendritic polymers. 

Chain polymerization. Introduction. Binary copolymer equation. Types of copolymerization; alternating copolymerization, ideal, random. Evaluation of monomer reactivity ratios.

Polymer modification reactions.

Characterization of polymers

Industrial applications