Dissertation Project


Prepare the student for his dissertation work providing:

-a general overview of the scientific and/or technological basis necessary for the dissertation theme with accompanied by future possible supervisors (chosen by the student).

-more in-depth practical information about laboratory techniques considered relevant to conducting research work in materials science and engineering and not yet taught during the integrated master course (by invited specialists).

- Formation under the scope of the Library semester activities in Mendeley, Scopus, BOn, Web of Science and others considered relevant.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

João Pedro Botelho Veiga


Weekly - 2

Total - 118

Teaching language



The student should be in the final year of the integrated master course. It is advised to be frequented by students that in the next semester will be elaborating the Mater dissertation


References adequate to each of the dissertation themes chosen by the student.


Teaching method

Seminars on experimental techniques still unknown to the students, oriented to the dissertation thematics individually chosen.

Workshps promoted by the Library of the FCT-UNL having the goal to provide knowledge on bibliographical research, organization and management with the final objective of preparing a written document to be presented at the end of the semester. 

Bibliography review (guided by the dissertation supervisor if already defined).

Initiation to the research work of the dissertation (guided by the supervisor of each dissertation if already defined).

The students will present at the end of the semester:

- written document where a bibliography review is made (coresponding to the dissertation chapter of the state of the art of the chosen theme to be developed in the following semester).

- public oral presentation, followed by discussion about the written document including a tentative work-plan concerning the dissertation (to be performed during the 2nd. Semester).

Evaluation method

The final grade in this curricular unit is given by the evaluation of the written document, defended by a mandatory oral presentation


Oral presentation:

-each presentation by the student takes 5 minutes followed by 5 minutes of discussion.

- the presentation is limited to the work developed (bibliographical research, preparation of the work plan and eventual preliminary results).

Subject matter

Bibliography review and introduction to the experimental work to be performed during the dissertation (under guidance of the supervisor of the dissertation if already available).

Seminars on research by experts: X-ray fluorescence using portable equipments; use of gama radiation in materials characterization; NMR in materials science.

Attendance of workshops on; Mendeley; Scopus; BOn; Web of Science; Latex.

Oral presentation at the end of the semester of the work developed.



Programs where the course is taught: