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Responsible teacher

João Alexandre Carvalho Pinheiro Leite, Ludwig Krippahl


Weekly - 4

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Teaching method

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Evaluation method

The evaluation of this curricular unit is made by two components: theoretical/problems (T) and project (P). Each component contributes with 50% to the final grade.

Both components are evaluated in an integer scale from 0 to 20.

To pass, the student must have:

(i)  a grade of at least 9,5 points in the theoretical/problems component; and

(ii) a grade of at least 9.5 points in the project component;

The final grade is defined as the weighted average of the two components of evaluation, that is (0.5×T + 0.5×P), in an integer scale from 0 to 20 points.

Theoretical/problems component

This component is evaluated by 2 written tests. The grade of this component is the average of the 2 written tests.

Alternatively, this component can be evaluated by a written exam. The exam will be grade in two independent parts, each corresponding to one test and replacing its grade if better.


Project component

This component is evaluated by 2 mini-projects.

Some tutorial classes will be allocating to the mini-projects.

The mini-projects are done in groups of students but the evaluation of this component is individual.

Grading of the different evaluation components is rounded to the first decimal place. The final grade is rounded to the closest integer value.

Subject matter

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