Pedagogical Training


Planning Mathematics classes with scientific accuracy and create diverse learning environments through the use of educational materials and information and communication technologies;

Develop in students the ability to think mathematically, encouraging adequate mobilization of mathematical knowledge already acquired, formulation and problem solving, justification and conclusions of communication;

Run planned lessons;

Identify and analyze common problems and difficulties of students in mathematics learning;

Evaluate the mathematical student learning, reflect on the outcome of this assessment and develop plans to improve these results;

Boost extra-curricular activities;

Participate in other aspects of professional activity, such as the class direction and class counsel;

Develop attitudes of reflection and critical analysis on the situations of teaching and learning, learning assessment and the problems of professional practice,

Develop cooperative working capacity;

Draw up a traineeship report and publicly defend it with dignity.

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Responsible teacher

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Teaching method

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Subject matter

1. Curriculum management and planning lessons;

2. Teaching practice in the classroom,

3. Reflection on the practice of teaching and other professional activities;

4. Evaluation of mathematical student learning;

5. Promotion of extra-curricular activities;6 Mathematics in the 3rd cycle of basic education;

7.Matemática in secondary education:

8.Atitudes a teaching professional.


Programs where the course is taught: