Diagnosis and Conservation of Photography Material and other records


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General characterization





Responsible teacher

Élia Catarina Tavares Costa Roldão


Weekly - 5

Total - 75

Teaching language



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Teaching method

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Evaluation method

Units of assessment: Practical session/classeroom participation; Presentation and final report evaluation; Written evaluation (test).


1. One test or final exam, accounting 40% of the final grade.

2. Diagnosis of pathologies of a case study that includes the preparation of the report and an oral presentation and discussion, accounting 50% of the final grade.

3. General behaviour in the classroom and Lab individual and team work. It accounts 10% of the final grade. 

The student must have a positive grade in each evaluation unit in order to conclude de discipline

Subject matter

Diagnostic and conservation principles of photography, divided into two parts:

i) Seminars given by experts on different topics: the historical and cultural background of the object; social and artistic context; historical processes in photography.

ii) Introduction to the diagnosis and preservation of photography that ends in a case study.

2. Principles of diagnosis and preservation of sound recordings.

Historical background, technological evolution of audio recordings, connection to industry and importance of proprietary information. Production techniques, materials, identification and preservation of sound recordings.


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