Processes in Chemical Engineering and Biochemistry


Integrative Course on mass and energy balances.

Understanding the principles that govern chemical processes.

Integration of knowledge learned in previously chemical engineering courses (Transport Phenomena, Chemical Reactors, Chemical Thermodynamics) in the formulation and resolution of material and energy balances applied to discontinuous, semi-continuous and continuous processes.

Knowledge of the sources of scientific and technical information in CBE and its usefulness in research and data acquisition for the design of unit operations.

Development of the capacity for autonomous acquisition of knowledge, critical analysis of available information, capacity for synthesis, argumentation and communication, and ability to work in group.

The actual accomplishment of the previous objectives essentially passes through a correct learning of the topics exposed in the classes and the resolution of exemplary exercises. This will necessarily be achieved by frequent attendance in the classes of students enrolled in the UC.

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Responsible teacher

Pedro Miguel Calado Simões


Weekly - 4

Total - 72

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Subject matter

Review of fundamental concepts of material and energy balance to reactive and non-reactive systems at steady state.

Material and energy balances to processes involving solutions or mixtures.

The estimation of Physical Properties. Methodologies for the calculation and prediction of physicochemical properties.

Material and energy balances applied to combustion processes. Water vapor as a utility in the chemical industry.

Balances to transient processes. Processes in batch or semi-continuous. Material and energy balances.


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