Clinical Biochemistry


- To acquire knowledge and skills in Clinical Biochemistry.
- To be familiar with the basic aspects of quality control in this area.

- To understand the metabolic processes and associated pathologies.

- To know the experimental methods used to quantitatively and/or qualitatively determine the molecules associated with metabolic disorders.

- To be able to interpret biochemical analysis and know the appropriate therapies.

- To be able to search and interpret critically the literature.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

José Ricardo Ramos Franco Tavares


Weekly - 5

Total - 92

Teaching language



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- R. Swaminathan Handbook of Clinical Biochemistry, Oxford University Press, 2004.

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Teaching method

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Evaluation method

Evaluation will be by two tests (30% of the final grade each): one of the tests approaches subjects taught by the Professors and the other test approaches subjects presented in the five Seminars given by experts. The Techniques Seminars presented by the students count as 25% of the final grade; a short report of the study visit to Hospital Garcia da Orta counts as 5% of the final grade, and finally, the participation in the discussion period after each Seminar given by the students counts as 10% of the final grade.

Subject matter

1. An introduction to Clinical Biochemistry

2. Renal function and electrolyte balance of the organism

3. Proteins in Clinical Biochemistry.

4. Cardiovascular biomarkers

5. Liver Function Tests and related diseases.

6. Techniques in Clinical Biochemistry.

7. Application of Clinical Biochemistry techniques in drug discovery, doping control in sports and in disease diagnostics