After students have studied, in compulsory courses, issues related to contracts in general, namely their formation and their performance and non-performance, this optional course has as its main objective to give students the possibility to reflect on consumer law and, in particular, consumer contracts, which are very common contracts in the day-to-day life of all of us. Questions related to the formation of the contract, the content of the contract, the right to withdraw and the performance and non-performance of the contract are the main topics of study, dealing in particular with the regimes of the following contracts (distance and off-premises contracts; sale of consumer goods; contracts for the supply of services of general interest; consumer credit contracts). Consumer ADR is also studied due to its relevance for consumer law.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Jorge Morais Carvalho


Weekly - 4.5

Total - Available soon

Teaching language



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Teaching method

Case studies solved in class together with students.

Evaluation method

- Final written exam;
- Two tests, written assignment and class participation: 100% (optional final exam for grade improvement).


Subject matter

The syllabus includes all the most relevant consumer law topics, allowing students to understand and work around any issue that may arise in this field in their personal or professional life. The classes consist of the resolution of practical cases, which enables the student to apply the theoretical knowledge to real or created cases.


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