Social Security Law


1. Understand that social dynamics are anchored in Public Policies that interact in varied fields and based on interdisciplinarity;
2. Recognize the relationship between the type of social protection provided and the type of the existing State;
3. Contextualize the Social Security System as a reflection of the existence of Social Rights and of a humanist vision in the societal organization;
4. Acquire a global and integrated vision of the complex and multifaceted Portuguese Social Security System, based on the architecture granted to it by the Legal Framework;
5. Understand the basic rules and general mode of operation of the various systems that make up the Social Security System;
6. Recognize the existence of the Social Economy sector and its intrinsic relation with the social protection system and with the theme of social innovation.

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Responsible teacher

Rui Ricardo Pestana de Gouvêa Pinto


Weekly - 3

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Parte I: Contextualizar o Direito Social através da Política Pública Social

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Parte II: O sistema de Segurança Social em Portugal

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(there is no space to introduce the remaing bibliography, please see the portguese version)

Teaching method

Theoretical/practical classes, with high interaction and group thinking dynamism

Evaluation method

Final Exam

Subject matter

Since the contemporary State is a State built on the Person, based on constitutionally recognized Rights, Freedoms and Guarantees, it is fundamental to address the theme of social protection as a way of understanding the humanistic legal order dynamics. In the multiple scope of Social Rights, Social Security assumes prominence and importance. This course unit aims to be a tool in the student's education, allowing him the global and systematized knowledge of the Portuguese Social Security System. The approach is carried out both from a contextual perspective and from a specific perspective. However, in order to understand the overall functioning of the system, it is still fundamental to approach the issue from the point of view of the relationship between the Social Security System and other social agents, namely with the Social Economy entities, in order to demonstrate how the intervention cooperation is also built on partnerships.


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