Doctorate in Biomedical Sciences

Education objectives

The Doctorate Program in Biomedical Sciences provides the students:
- Advanced knowledge in the areas of cell and molecular biology, immunology, bioinformatics, epidemiology, prevention and control, applied to medical parasitology and microbiology;
- Skills to develop independent scientific research. Design, implement and critically analyze research projects generating new knowledge at national and international level;
- Personal and professional skills that facilitate the integration in the business sector, in academia, in international networks or governmental and non-governmental agencies;
- Communication capabilities that allow the adequacy of transmission of scientific data to different audiences and in different situations;
- Scientific principles and professional ethics to enable them to promote ethical conduct in all activities and interpersonal relationships.

General characterization

DGES code



PhD (3rd Cycle)



Access to other programs

The Doctorate is the final qualification


Gabriela Santos-Gomes

Opening date

October 2020




2750 euros per year


Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 1 pm

Teaching language

Mostly in Portuguese. Some CU may be taught in English

Degree pre-requisites

Duration: 4 years (8 academic semesters). Total credits: 240 ECTS for the achieve of the Doctoratedegree (60 in curricular units + 180 in the preparation of the dissertation).

Conditions of admittance

Consult the Course Regulations available at

Evaluation rules

Evaluation Regulation available at
Each curricular unit (CU) is evaluated according to the criteria established by the Teacher in charge, which are available in the section "Evaluation method" in the "General characterization" tab of each CU.
The academic degree of the Doctorateis given a final classification in the range of 10-20 of the entire numerical scale from 0 to 20, as well as its equivalent in the European scale of comparability of classifications. The calculation of the final classification is obtained by weighted arithmetic average by the number of credits.


1st year - 1st semester
Code Name ECTS
5573036 Biostatistics 4
5573038 Computational Biology and Bioinformatics 4
5573028 Scientific Communication 3
5573037 Infectious diseases 5
5573040 Molecular Epidemiology of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases 5
5573035 Ethics and Health Research 2
5573029 Immunology of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases 4
5573039 Global Health, population health and social determinants 3
1st year - 2nd semester
Code Name ECTS
5573041 Experimental design and thesis project 4
1st year - 2nd semester - Cellular and Molecular Biology Specialty
Code Name ECTS
5573043 Applications in Molecular Biology 6
5573042 New approaches in cell biology 4
1st year - 2nd semester - Microbiology Specialty
Code Name ECTS
5573045 Applications in Medical Microbiology 6
5573044 Challenges and Perspectives in Microbial Biology 4
1st year - 2nd semester - Parasitology Specialty
Code Name ECTS
5573047 Applications in Medical Parasitology 6
5573046 Global Perspective of Parasitic Diseases 4
2.º year
Code Name ECTS
5573031 Doctorate Thesis in Biomedical Sciences 180