Thesis project


After this unit, students should be able to:
1. Introduction to scientific or clinical research.
2. Beginning to acquire the capacity to collect bibliographic information and its analysis.
3. Beginning to acquire the capacity to design, under guidance, a project of scientific work, write it, present it and discuss it.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Em cada caso, individual, o orientador de tese


Weekly - A definir entre o estudante e o docente responsável

Total - 36

Teaching language



Not applicable


Specific for each student and thesis subject.

Teaching method

Tutorial guidance, informal.

Evaluation method

Evaluation by the supervisor, taking into account: a) understanding and scientific reasoning, mental organization and initiative capacities, revealed during the tutorial discussions; b) the effort of bibliographic collection; c) the project presentation in a seminar; d) in particular, the final project itself.

Subject matter

I. Discussion with the supervisor to choose a thesis topic, when not previously done at the time of the application.
II. Bibliography search, critical analysis, including the relations between publication results.
III. Elaboration of a revision on the state of knowledge.
IV. Elaboration of the experimental plan or clinical research: materials, sampling rules, methodological approaches, techniques to be used, alternatives in case of failure, etc.
V. Writing the final project and presenting it at a seminar.


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