Health Planning and Management


After this unit, students should be able to: 1. Participate in the elaboration/analysis of health policy/strategy proposals.
2. Use strategic management tools applicable to various circumstances.
3. Encourage a spirit of information/knowledge sharing, facilitating translation of innovation into decision on policies/strategies.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Jorge Simões


Weekly - 12

Total - 48

Teaching language



Not applicable


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• Plano Nacional de Saúde 2012-2016 (disponível em

Teaching method

After a theoretical presentation of each topic the themes will be discussed by the students, which will analyse the strategic planning in a specific country.

Evaluation method

Evaluation will consider participation in the sessions of his colleagues (20%) and individual presentation (80%).

Subject matter

I. Define health and health workforce policy/strategy/services, identify/analyze its components and processes of formulation/implementation/evaluation.
II. Characterizing a Local Health System and identify/use tools/models suitable for local planning.
III. Identify strategies/management tools of information/knowledge at the individual, organizational and systemic level.