Specialty of Public Health in the Tropics

Education objectives

The Doctorate in International Health, among others, has the following objectives:

- Train researchers and teachers with autonomy capabilities, analysis and interpretation of scientific data and communication skills;

- Develop participation skills in international comparative research projects, leading to the strengthening of health and solving health problems in tropical environments and poverty systems.

General characterization

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Speciality Area



Access to other programs

The Doctorate is the final qualification


Maria do Rosário Martins

Opening date

October 2020




2750 euros per year


Monday and Tuesday, from 9 am to 6 pm

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Degree pre-requisites

Duration: 4 years (8 academic semesters). Total credits: 240 ECTS for the achieve of the Doctorate degree (42 in curricular units + 192 in the preparation of the dissertation, which includes 12 ECTS from the protocol defense).

This path is an option of

Doctorate in International Health

Conditions of admittance

Consult the Course Regulations available at www.ihmt.unl.pt/education/saude-internacional/

Evaluation rules

Evaluation Regulation available at www.ihmt.unl.pt/servicos-academicos/.
Each curricular unit (CU) is evaluated according to the criteria established by the Teacher in charge, which are available in the section "Evaluation method" in the "General characterization" tab of each CU.
The academic degree of the Doctorate is given a final classification in the range of 10-20 of the entire numerical scale from 0 to 20, as well as its equivalent in the European scale of comparability of classifications. The calculation of the final classification is obtained by weighted arithmetic average by the number of credits.