Pós-Graduação em Gestão e Controlo Financeiro e Orçamental

Education objectives

Developed in partnership with the Finance General Inspection – Portuguese Audit Authority (IGF), the postgraduate program in Financial and Budgetary Management and Control aims to empower participants with a set of competencies in the area of management and financial control, which enable the  development of new information management strategies relevant to the performance of functions in the financial and budgetary sphere.

This program is focused on scientific and professional development in financial and budgetary management, with the intention of providing a solid theoretical-practical training for professionals working in this area, both in public and private entities. It also aims to address the  most recent developments in the areas of management, control and financial reporting, with the aim of transmitting an integrated view of these important functional areas through  Integrated and interdisciplinary training, including  the  analysis and requirements of accounting and internal control systems, as well as the importance of the existence of procedures to enable adequate management control.

Applications - academic year 2020/2021
To complete the application, the applicant must register in NOVA IMS' Applications Portal, fill the form, upload their Curriculum Vitae, pay the application fee (€ 51), and submit the application in the end until November 19th. The selection process is based on the analysis of the applicant's academic and professional curriculum.

General characterization

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Opening date

February 2021





Daytime/ Working Hours (1 day a week)

Teaching language

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Degree pre-requisites

For the conclusion of Postgraduate Program, it is necessary to obtain 60 ECTS (8 course units).

Conditions of admittance

The requirements for the applications are: a degree in a compatible field (complete until January 2021); analysis of the applicants' academic and professional curriculum.

Evaluation rules