Data Visualization



General characterization





Responsible teacher

Pedro da Costa Brito Cabral


Weekly - Available soon

Total - Available soon

Teaching language

Portuguese. If there are Erasmus students, classes will be taught in English


  • Introdução à visualização
  • Abstração de dados e tipos de dados
  • Marcas e canais
  • Visualização de tabelas
  • Dados espaciais
  • Gráficos
  • Redes e árvores
  • Cor
  • Narrativa


Tamara Munzner (2014). Visualization Analysis and Design. CRC Press.

Nathan Yau (2011). Visualize this ¿ The FlowingData Guide to Design, Visualization, and Statistics. Wiley Publishing, Inc.

Teaching method

1st phase

Papers from other journals can also be selected. In any case, the paper selection must be approved by the professor by email before 2/December. The list with the 5-minute presentations will be made available until 4/December


  • Project report and presentation (35%). The dates of the presentations are 21 and 22 of January.
  • 1st phase exam (50%) (40 multiple choice and T or F questions, no minimum grade)

 2nd phase

  • Project report and presentation (50%). It is not possible to improve the grade of the project presented on 21and 22 of January 2020.
  • 2nd phase Exam (50%) (minimum grade is 9.5 points, 3 open questions and 40 multiple choice and T or F questions).

Evaluation method


Subject matter

Aulas teórico-práticas relacionadas com conceitos de Visualização de Dados e software específico (Python).


Programs where the course is taught: