Information Systems Management


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Responsible teacher

Ales Popovic


Weekly - Available soon

Total - Available soon

Teaching language

Portuguese. If there are Erasmus students, classes will be taught in English


Class attendance is not required, yet, presence on group project presentations and discussion is mandatory.


- Peppard, J. Ward, J.: The Strategic Management of Information Systems: Building a Digital Strategy
- Laudon, K. C., Laudon, J. P.: Management Information Systems 13/e, Prentice Hall, 2013
- Supplemental (optional) O¿Brien, J. A., Marakas, G. M.: Management Information Systems, 10th Ed., McGraw-Hill Irwin, 2011

Teaching method

  • Lectures and class discussions
  • Class assignments – case studies
  • Team seminar works (group project papers) with presentations
  • Final examination

Evaluation method

Class assignments
Team seminar works (papers) with presentations (optional)
Final examination

Subject matter

  1. Information Systems in Business
  2. Global E-Business and Collaboration
  3. Information Systems, Organizations, and Strategy
  4. Ethical and Social Issues in Information Systems
  5. IT Infrastructure and Emerging Technologies
  6. Foundation of Business Intelligence
  7. Telecommunications and Wireless Technology
  8. Securing Information Systems
  9. Achieving Operational Excellence and Customer Intimacy: Enterprise Applications
  10. E-Commerce: Digital Markets, Digital Goods
  11. Managing Knowledge
  12. Enhancing Decision Making
  13. Building Information Systems
  14. Managing Projects
  15. Managing Global Systems