Project Finance


The aim of the course is to provide a grounding in the theory and practice of project financing, based on fundamental concepts of project valuation, capital budgeting, risk underwriting, structured credit finance and PF/PPP contract design and management, in various sectors including energy, mining, transportation, water and health infrastructure and services, and from the perspective of the various Stakeholders, Provisional.

Subject to changes, including project promoters and concessionaires, creditors and the public Concedent authority and, last but not least, the users and taxpayers. The course will also address the perspectives of equity investors and creditors, including project credit rating criteria and project bond financing.

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Responsible teacher

Mariana Abrantes de Sousa


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The course assumes basic knowledge of accounting, financial statement and cash flow analysis, financial calculus and discounted cash flow mechanics and some public finance. An ungraded quantitative Problem Set will be assigned in the first week of classes to reinforce financial concepts.


Teaching method

Teaching and learning methods will include lectures covering theory and concepts and in‐class discussions and exercises based on pre‐readings and analyses of assigned materials, as well as the preparation and presentation of project cases, focusing on critical issues from the perspective and roles of specific Stakeholders. Study questions may be provided to help students focus their preparation. Students are expected to read both the cases and the required readings.

Evaluation method

The overall grade will be determined as follows:
-Class participation: 20%
-Class presentations and hand‐ins: 30%
-Mandatory final exam: 50% ( ___March‐2015, to be confirmed )

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