Seminar on Current Economic and Financial Issues


The main purpose of this seminar is for students to be familiar with today’s economic issues, both national and international ones. The student is asked to prepare a presentation in one topic. The topic is a student´s choice but has to be approved by the instructor. These topics in case of conflicting choices will be on a first come first serve basis.
Any topic relevant for someone in Economics or Finance is eligible. All students are supposed to participate in the open-floor discussion but some students will be formally picked-up as leading discussants discussants. Each student will be graded not only for the content of its presentation but also for its formal way of introducing an issue in class.
Besides the instructor and the grader, all students also grade their colleagues’ presentation. For the presentation students have to prepare a ppt document as well as a word doc with an executive summary (this one with no more than 2,000 characters and spaces). Both documents are to be sent 48 hours in advance. The ppt document will be available in the moodle for all students in advance.

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Responsible teacher

Luís Manuel Moreira Campos e Cunha


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Teaching language




Given the nature of the Seminar there is no bibliography. However, depending on the topic chosen, students are expected to use economic and financial information in newspapers (Financial Times, Herald Tribune, Diário Económico, etc), international institutions reports (Central Banks, IMF, World Bank, etc) and even working papers or research papers.

Teaching method

There are no lectures. In general the presentations are made by students and there is learning by doing. Some presentations may be done by the instructor.

Evaluation method

Assessment is done by students by the instructor and by the grader with the participation of all students. Class attendance and active participation is also part of your grade. The specifics will depend on the number of participants.

Subject matter

Topics will be chosen by students and approved by the instructor. Examples of possible topics: 1) Oil prices in recent years; 2) Bitcoin; 3) Government debt crisis; … Even topics not strictly economic or financial in nature, but relevant for students’ background, are admissible. Example: The Lisbon Treaty; The role of education in long-term growth…