Operations Management


•    Analyze, develop and apply the main management topics of a course in Operations Management.
•    Apply the main tools of OR at the (a) strategic level, (b) analysis and design levels; (c) development, plan and control levels; (d) improvement level.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Ana Sofia Costa


Weekly - Available soon

Total - Available soon

Teaching language

Portuguese and English


Mandatory precedence:

- 1200. Principles of Management


•    Operations Management – Slack, Brandon-Jones, and Johnston, Prentice-Hall, 8th Edition, 2016.
•    Operations Management and Supply Chain Management – Jacobs and Chase, McGraw-Hill, 15th Ed., 2018.

Teaching method

Lectures will be composed of:
•    Concepts: exploring, discussing and applying
•    Small Cases and Exercises: exploring, discussing and applying
•    Group works

Evaluation method

•    60% Final Individual Exam (minimum grade = 8,5)
•    40% allocated to Group Work carried in class (20% to work report + 20% to work presentation)
•    Resit exam: 100%

    Subject matter

    Part I_ Strategic Level
    •    Introduction to Operations Management
    •    Operations Strategy

    Part II_ Analysis and Design Levels
    •    Process Design and Analysis
    •    Layout and Flow

    Part III_ Development, Planning and Control Levels
    •    Inventory planning and control
    •    Materials planning and control
    •    Lean operations and JIT
    •    Capacity planning and control
    •    Quality planning and control
    •    Supply Chain Management

    Part IV_Operations Improvement
    •    Operations improvement
    •    Operations challenge