Public Health Seminar I


- Describe the historical evolution of the concept of Public Health and the current challenges ;

- Identify key determinants of health and health inequalities ;

- Know the relevance of Health in All Policies and action throughout the life cycle;

- Identify communication and motivation strategies to defend and promote health ;

- Know the basics and key issues of the science of implementation and knowledge translation ;

- Know the use of methods for a health diagnosis and health planning ;

- Integrate the contribution of several disciplines and sectors for action in Public Health.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Maria Isabel Guedes Loureiro


Weekly - Available soon

Total - 56

Teaching language



Frequency of the Doctoral Program in Public Health


- LOUREIRO, I.; MIRANDA, N. – Promover a saúde: dos fundamentos à acção. Coimbra: Almedina. 3ª edição. 2018.

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– LEPPO, K., et al. (eds.) – Health in All Policies. Seizing opportunities, implementing policies. Helsinky: Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. 2013.

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– KICKBUSCH, I.; GLEICHER, D. –Governance for health in the 21st century. Geneva: WHO. 2012

Teaching method

- Presentation of contents with debate;

- Thematic seminars, preparation of presentations by the students -

Evaluation method

- Preparation of an individual test and discussion in tutorial context;

− Work on developing a portfolio throughout the sessions to reflect on the concept, scope and responsibility in Public Health

Subject matter

Available soon