Thesis (Medicine/Biomedicine)


The objective of this unit is the development of a research project in the relevant areas of the study cycle that will support an original thesis to be presented at the end of the study cycle. The student should acquire advanced scientific research skills, including: in-depth knowledge in the area he / she works; the ability to formulate scientifically valid hypotheses; the design of an original research work that allows to test the hypotheses and analyze in a critical way the results obtained; and the presentation of results in the form of scientific articles and also of writing, presentation and discussion of the thesis.

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Responsible teacher

Professor Doutor Miguel Pedro Pires Cardoso de Seabra


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There is main bibliography references in advance to which the student must necessarily resort. Each student should seek the appropriate bibliography for the development of the respective project by first resorting to discussions with the counselor and co-counselors and to systematic bibliographic research.

Teaching method

The achievement of the UC learning objectives is do ne mainly through self-learning and tutorial discussions with the counselor and co-counselors. In order to complete the learning the student must attend lectures presenting scientific results, participate in scientific meetings and conferences, in which he / she must present and discuss their results, and should involve himself whenever possible in informal scientific discussions on the themes of PhD with colleagues and experts in relevant scientific fields.

Evaluation method

Accomplishment of academic proof for defense, appreciation and public discussion of the final work (thesis).

Subject matter

The curricular unit is dedicated to the completion of the research project and the writing of an original doctoral thesis that will focus on a subject of investigation of student interest, taking into account the offer and the strategic areas of investigation of Nova Medical School. In an original research project, the evolution of the work program is not completely predictable because it depends on the results that are being obtained, so the program content is necessarily specific to each project and varies with its development.


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