Medical Management


- Knowledge and understanding of the National Health Service
- Acquiring capacities to select proper information about the different levels of decision
- Acquiring capacities at professional level at different levels of an health institution
- Acquiring competences that allow the student to reach the necessary capacities to act at intermediate and high level of administration

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Responsible teacher

Dr. Jorge Penedo


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- Campos L., Borges M., Portugal R. Governação dos Hospitais, Lisboa, Casa das Letras 2009
- Crisp N et all – Um Futuro para a Saúde, Lisboa Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, 2014
- Ribeiro J A M, Penedo Os cidadãos no centro da saúde, os profissionais no centro do sistema, Lisboa 2011
- Wright J. Clinical Governance, Churchill Livingstone, 2003


Teaching method

The unit will use a theoretical component and the analysis ans solution of clinical cases
There will be workshops oriented to the management of problems at the different levels of the institution

Evaluation method

- Continuous evaluation 20%
- Final evaluation 80%
- Participation in 80% of the classes

Subject matter

 Health Management and Clinical Governance (2h)
 What is the National Health System?
 The National Health Service (1h)
 Private model of Governance (1h)
 Social model of Governance (1h)
 How is the NHS financed (2h)
 How do we do health contractualization (2h)
 Primary care organization (1h)
 Integration of care in health care (1h)
 How to do strategic planning in health units (2h)
 Phisicians and leadership in health organizations (2h)
 Inovation. How to thin out of the box (2h)
 Health technology assessement (1h)
 How to increase the efficiency in health units (2h)
 How to avaliate and monitorise clinical activity (2h)
 Evidence based medicine and Clinical guidelines (2h)
 Risk in health care (2h)
 How to manage human resources (1h)
 Non clinical departements (1h)
 Clinical investigation (2h)
 How to communicate in health organizations (2h)


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