Thesis IV


In the Curricular Unit “Thesis”, students should develop a research project in biomedicine under the foundation of mechanisms of disease, with high scientific and technical merit. This project should be developed under the supervision of researchers or teachers affiliated to the participating institutions.

During the development of the work for their doctoral thesis, students should acquire the skills that will allow them to understand the research process and, consequently, to start an autonomic and independent scientific career that involves the scientific supervision of postgraduate students, as well as the development of research projects.

General characterization





Responsible teacher



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Teaching language

Portuguese or English




Specific scientific papers and other bibliography selected by each student.

Teaching method

During the curricular unit, students should be encouraged to organize and develop a scientific work of excellence. Therefore, they will be closely monitored by their supervisors, who shall help them in the delineation of the project, as well as in the monitoring of the doctoral thesis project.

Evaluation method

The student should periodically present his / her study work, approaching and discussing the evolution and final results, in order to have a central monitoring in the development of his work.

Subject matter

The curricular unit is fully dedicated to carrying out laboratory work and writing of the dissertation which will focus on topics addressed in previous semesters, or topics suggested by professors and discussed with students.

The coordination of the PhD in Biomedicine together with external / internal experts will evaluate, accompany and approve the work done annually by each student.


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