Specialized Seminar in Psychology and Education


1) Acquisition of skills to better understand the issues and problems of Educational Psychology;
2) Understand and distinguish the different theoretical perspectives to teaching / learning;
3) Understand and identify the different factors that influence the pedagogical relationship,
understand their levels and types of action and analyse underlying consequences of these actions;
4) Acquisition of the ability to critically analyse, evaluate and synthesize ideas regarding different
practices in education so that they can reflect a sustained way on practical and educational
5) Acquisition of skills in the field of Educational Research enabling the dissemination of the research

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Carlos Francisco Mafra Ceia


Weekly - 2

Total - 280

Teaching language





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Teaching method

We will mainly use active methodologies (debates, discussions, problem solving, individually and in group work) about theoretical and pratical works.

The developed approach will not only encourage critical reflection and reasoned of students on these subjects as well as the contact and appropriation of methodologies and tools used in the characterization of these constructs and research.

Evaluation method

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Subject matter

1) Component cognitive and socio-cognitive of learning processes
2) Different approaches to teaching / learning (models of information processing, constructivist and
socio-constructivist) process
3) Influence of context in the teaching / learning;
4) Assessment and Learning: Perspectives Evaluation; Phases of the evaluation process
5) Affective aspects involved in the teaching / learning process: motivation, Self-concept and selfesteem
6) Education and Diversity
• The school integration movements
• Inclusive education
• Education and Quality
• Research in Inclusive Education


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