Seminário de Especialidade em História da Filosofia


a) To develop the capacity of understanding systematically the different periods of the History of Philosophy;
b) To develop the skills, methods and practices inherent in the research of different periods of the History of Philosophy;
c) To develop analytical skills of concepts and other relevant operators of Philosophy.
d) To develop the capacity to relate the specific problems of certain periods of the History of Philosophy with other problems and with other periods;
e) To deepen the understanding of the role of the philosophical tradition in the very exercise of philosophical activity.
f) To develop the capacity of situating synchronically and diachronically the object of research in the philosophical tradition.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

André Filipe dos Santos de Campos


Weekly - 2

Total - 280

Teaching language



Not applicable


Warburton, Nigel. Philosophy: The Classics (Routledge, 4.ª ed., 2014).
Kenny, Anthony. A New History of Western Philosophy (Oxford University Press, 2010).
Journal of the History of Philosophy (JHU Press), 1963-2020.
Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie (De Gruyter), 1888-2020.
British Journal for the History of Philosophy (Taylor & Francis), 1993-2020.

Teaching method

The adopted teaching method combines readings and commentaries of texts in the classroom with the discussion of papers presented by the students.

Evaluation method

Evaluation method - Active participation in seminar sessions, especially by presenting previously oriented reviews (30%), Final written work (70%)

Subject matter

This seminar offers an introduction to the research developed with regard to different periods of the History of Philosophy. The sessions will consist of supervised readings of excerpts of classic works representative of each of the
traditional divisions of the History of Philosophy . Each reading is accompanied by a commentary of a recent scientific paper on a problem originating from the same classical work, representative of the style and method employed nowadays in the most prestigious journals of History of Philosophy. The choice of the final cast of texts will be determined according to the interests and areas of expertise of the candidates.


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