Medieval Portuguese History (13th-15th Century)


a) To articulate different space and temporal dimensions of History of Medieval Portugal, between 13th and 15th century.
b) To identify the main political, economical, social and cultural processes that developed in Portugal in the 13th and 14th centuries;
c) To understand the process of overseas expansion with the context and transformations experienced by the kingdom in the final centuries of the Middle Ages;
d) To know the main historiographical interpretations on the studied subjects and the fundamental bibliography about the subject;
e) To allow students to come into contact with Portuguese medieval sources and the possibility of beginning their study and research;
f) To develop the ability of oral and written communication, with historiographical specific vocabulary and concepts of the Medieval Age;
g) To obtain the acquaintance to continue a deep study on the Medieval Age.

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Responsible teacher

Amélia Aurora Aguiar de Andrade


Weekly - 4

Total - 168

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Teaching method

Teaching method: theoretical and pratical classes, with oral explanation of the syllabus and the analysis of historiographical texts and historical documents with the participation of the students).

Evaluation method

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Subject matter

1. Previous considerations: the historiography about the Portuguese Middle Ages (13th - 15th centuries) and the available sources for its study.
2. The Dionysian governance of the kingdom and the tensions at the end of the reign.
3. The times of crisis: the dimensions of a difficult economic, social and political context and the strategies assumed by the governance of the realm.
4. The dynastic crisis: from Fernando's reign to João I's ascension to the throne.
5. The new dynasty of Avis: recompositions and strategies of affirmation.
6. From Alfarrobeira to Tordesillas: the vicissitudes of a kingdom in times of economic growth and territorial expansion.
7. Transitions: the challenges of spatial enlargement; social adjustments; the reinforcement of royal interventionism and the accentuation of centralism.


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