Management and Art Project Production


Present the different phases of work and areas of intervention for carrying out
exhibition projects; provide the necessary tools to achieve them.

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Responsible teacher

Maria Emília Moreira Tavares Samora Batista


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Total - 280

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Teaching method

Detailed presentation of the listed themes, accompanied by PowerPoint and
iconography. Each chapter will be illustrated with practical examples.

Evaluation method

Método de Avaliação - The assessment is made through interventions in class(40%), and the work to be delivered at the end of the semester(60%)

Subject matter

a) First steps of the producer / manager
b) Budget and planning maps
c) Support and sponsorship
d) Physical conditions of spaces
e) Characteristics of the works
a) Type of production
b) Display type
c) Works: Type of works, loan applications and contracts, insurance, transport and
reception of works of art, security and surveillance, maintenance
d) Catalog: Phases of production and actors
e) Other materials to be edited
f) Image of the exhibition / event and its communication, promotion, dissemination
and marketing
g) The press - advertising campaign and press-release
h) Assembly
i) Inauguration
a) Disassembly, discipline and method in disassembly, return of works
b) Post-production, the task of the producer / manager does not end with the end of the exhibition


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