Advanced Seminar in Sociology I


Centred on the debate about ongoing or recent research projects (in different stages: object, starting theoretical questions; methodological approaches, outputs), this seminar aims at
- introducing the students to contemporary debates in cutting edge sociological research, in consolidated or emerging thematical areas existing in the research centres integrating the consortium, through researchers involved in them;
- allowing a demanding and fruitful dialogue between researchers and students, training their curiosity, developing and updating their qualification in the discipline;
- training their capacity to elaborate questions, to debate and exchange scientific arguments;
- to promote the sense of belonging to a new community of peers, with distinct institutional and generational cultures, through the direct knowledge of work achieved by the researchers;
- to provide clues and references (theoretical, methodological and empirical) to the construction of individual theses.

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Responsible teacher

Rui Manuel Leitão da Silva Santos


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Total - 112

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Teaching method

The Advanced Seminar in Sociology is organized in working sessions, ensured by invited researchers or experts of a certain sociological thematical area. Besides the initial presentation associated to a first part of the Seminar (preceded by the distribution of a supporting text/article, recommended bibliography), the supervision and follow up of the students’ debate are also foreseen. The teaching methodology serves as an instrument to train the students in the capacity of formulating meaningful questions, presenting and justifying a coherent reasoning or thought.

Evaluation method

- Quality of a written essay in the students’ personal and critical reflection on the presented research projects, as well as on their learnings and the contributes they garnered throughout the session for their own research projects.(90%), - Quality of the student’s participation in the oral debate(10%)

Subject matter

As a reseach seminar that embraces in a common dialogue sociologists (academic researchers) and PhD students, it is structured within a set of thematical - either consolidated or emerging - areas transversal and strategical for the scientific identity of the different OU of the Consortium.
Each session consists of the presentation and discussion of an ongoing or recently accomplished research project.


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