Research Seminar V


This Curricular Unit constitutes the natural continuity to the precedent «Research Seminars». It will function in a friendly debate environment. The main objectives are to support the students in what concerns the writing, structuration and oral presentation processes of their thesis.
At this stage, the student’s individual investigations must already be significantly advanced, so this CU, consists basically in the consolidation of this work in the form of a PhD thesis.
A particular emphasis will be given to scientific writing skills (according to the sociological tradition) to the structuring of the thesis (either in chapters or in the form of scientific articles) and to the public presentation of the results (in order to prepare and rehearse the moment of the discussion).

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Rui Manuel Leitão da Silva Santos


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Total - 140

Teaching language



Achievement of Research Seminar IV


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Teaching method

This seminar has clearly a work in progress, informal and tutorial nature, so the primary focus of the teaching- learning process is on students.
There is an intense exchange of ideas and perspectives, and the teachers assume the role of debate facilitators and guides (primus inter pares), giving their own substantive contribution once the tour de table between students has been made.

Evaluation method

student’s attendance and active participation in the seminar activities.(100%)

Subject matter

This Curricular Unit is organized in the form of seminar sessions during which:
- successfully concluded PhD thesis will be presented to the students, in order to discuss the structures, models and options available;
- already written chapters or parts of the students’ thesis will be discussed and debated in a friendly criticism environment, so that colleagues can enrich them with their contributions;
- students will prepare and rehearse the final public presentation and discussion of their PhD thesis;
- the main ethical and epistemological dilemmas, obstacles and problems they have been confronted during the research process will be shared and the ways to overcome them will be discussed.


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