Questioning the Medieval Studies: Problems and Theories


1. To familiarize themselves with the problems and questions which define the very nature of the medieval
studies in current day research.
2. Ability to identify, access, analyse and integrate information from various paradigms and problems which
characterize the medieval studies and to have a critical approach to it;
3. abiblity to find, retrieve, contextualize and interpret the principal question sof the Middle Ages
4. understanding of an ability to apply and practice principles of cooperative research to medieval history and
the social and human sciences.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Ana Paiva Morais


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Total - 504

Teaching language



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Teaching method

The teaching methods used in this seminar are based on the principles of the
pedagogical model implemented at UAb for postgraduate studies, including:
1. Collaborative learning through the participation in asynchronous discussions and joint activities on the issues being studied;
2. Individual research resulting in the production of essays and/or in a historiographical research work.

Evaluation method

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Subject matter

The main goal of this Seminar is to familiarize the student with the more modern and questioning problems which affect medieval Studies, today. The programme should, and will, therefore, be an addaptable one, which can change from year to year, even if the composition of the teaching team and the topics studied will necessarylly touch all the different areas of Medieval Studies susceptible to be studied and of relevance. It is also relevant to stress that other social sciences, like sociology, anthropology, economics and economy will be considered. Although there is no fixed programme, the subjects studied will surely look at questions like the concept of MAges, the rceeptio of the MAges, visual culture, several different \"turns\", quthor and authority, music, image, linguistics and archaeology. This Seminar will host the student´s final work, with a public defense, by the end of the year, without which, the student will not be able to register the thesis.


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