Thesis in Medieval Studies


Ability to choose a subject combining at least two of the scientific areas of the PhD Programme (with two
Ability to plan and deliver an original research-based contribution to historiographical knowledge , bearing on
original research, a significant problematic question and with sufficient quality to be publishable.
Ability to present research results and discuss them in an public academic context, orally and in written form,
in accordance with the PhD programme e regulations.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Professor a definir - FCSH #1


Weekly - Available soon

Total - 5040

Teaching language



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Bibliografia específica adequada à tese de cada estudante.

Teaching method

The research progresses leading to the completion of the thesis will be monitorised online. It will consist of
theoretical and empirical work, individual research, based on data collection, individual guidance from the
supervisor, discussions in group seminars via online forums, or on a one to one basis, participation in
conferences and other scientific events, and collaboration or integration in ongoing research projects (within
one of the Research Units of the FCSH)

Evaluation method

Available soon

Subject matter

Provided the themes obbey to the rule of their needing to combine two of the scientific areas od the
Programme ( interdisciplinary) the students are free to choose whichever theme they prefer. The themes and
research programmes of the individual doctoral theses depend on the proposals submitted by doctoral


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