Plasma Technology and Thin Films


This UC will provide a deep understanding of various deposition techniques using plasma technology and other technological applications, allowing students to become familiar with the fundamental scientific issues associated with these technologies in order to contribute to solving research problems. It is also intended to provide them with the skills associated with the doctoral degree, namely systematic understanding in the scientific domain, skills for research, critical analysis of concepts and results, implementation of projects, written and oral communication techniques, among others.

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Responsible teacher

André João Maurício Leitão do Valle Wemans, Susana Isabel Santos Silva Sério Venceslau


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Total - 80

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It is recommended to have in the basic training a curricular unit of Solid State Physics, Surface Technology and Interfaces or similar.


-“Physical vapor deposition of thin films ” – John E. Mahan, Wiley, 2000.

-“Introduction to plasma physics” – D. A. Gurnett and A. Bhattacharjee, 2nd ed., Cambridge University Press, 2017.

-“Physics of thin films ” – Maurice H. Francombe and John L. Vossen, ACADEMIC PRESS, INC., 1982.

Teaching method

This course will operate on the basis of tutorial sessions and works to be carried out and presented throughout the semester.

Evaluation method

The final evaluation will be the average of the classifications obtained in the reports of the proposed and performed experimental works and a monograph.

Subject matter

Introduction to Plasma Physics. Plasma frequency, temperatures and densities; Debye shield and sphere. Electric discharge; Charge creation and annihilation processes; Luminescent discharge; Diode discharge regimes; Paschen''''s Law; Child-Langmuir Law; Simple Diode Discharges, DC Discharges, RF Discharges and Magnetron Discharges; Types of cathodes; Variants of Magnetron Discharges: “High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering”, Balanced and unbalanced magnetron discharge and arc plasma deposition; Application of plasmas for changing the properties of surfaces (surface treatments) and obtaining patterns in thin films; Technological applications based on plasma technology.


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