Production Management


At the end of this course the student will have acquired the knowledge, skills and competences that allow him:
• Identify a comprehensive set of planning and management models
• Identify and characterize some productive environments
• Characterize the main production costs and capacities
• Design aggregate plans
• Design production master plans
• Identify classic models of inventory
• Define material requirement plans
• Implement management and control methods at the operational level.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Ana Paula Ferreira Barroso, António Carlos Bárbara Grilo


Weekly - 2

Total - 28

Teaching language



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Teaching method

The curricular unit is taught in problem-solving classes, with a weekly load of 2 hours.
For each subject, the main concepts, methodologies and / or models are firstly exposed, using examples and multimedia teaching material. Then we propose exercises and case studies whose resolution requires the application of what was previously exposed.

Evaluation method

The course assessment is carried out by 2 Tests (T1 and T2), with a weight of 50% each, or 1 Final Exam (FE).
Final Grade= 0.50 T1 + 0.50 T2 or
Final Grade= FE
Student approval implies a Final Grade greater than or equal to 10.

Subject matter

1. Introduction to Production Management and Operations
2. Inventory Management Models
3. Sales and Operations Planning (aggregate planning)
4. Master Production Planning
5. Material Requirements Planning
6. Short Range Scheduling Models (short term)