Coatings and Complementary Building Techonologies


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General characterization





Responsible teacher

Maria Paulina Santos Forte Faria Rodrigues


Weekly - 3

Total - 42

Teaching language



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Papers from international and Portuguese journals, namely from:
- Construction and Building Materials
- Journal of Building Engineering
- Journal of Building Appraisal
- Energy and Buildings
- Conservar Património
- Construção Magazine
- Pedra e Cal
International and Portuguese literature namely from conferences and projects, from the National Laboratory of Civil Engineering (LNEC), standards and norms from mainly from CEN and IPQ.

Teaching method

Theoretical and practical lectures.
Seminars by invited specialists. Visit to applied laboratorial research examples. Visit to factories and application sites. Discussions on reference bibliography.
The unit has a strong theoretical nature to fundament the syllabus and practical works defined and controlled during the practical classes. A great importance is devoted to constructive building details.

Evaluation method

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Subject matter

Roof complementary layers and roofing systems. Classifications, types and application, singular points.

Waterproofing systems. Underground construction waterproofing systems. Types and applications, singular points.

Wall complementary layers and finishing. Classifications, types and application: rendering and plastering mortar systems, ETICS, facing bricks, stone cladding; adherent and independent coatings. Paint systems.

Flooring and complementary layers. Adequacy of the flooring to the place of application.

Windows and doors. 

Maintenance and rehabilitation. 

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