Electromechanical Equipments and Automation


At the end of this course the student will have acquired knowledge, skills and competences that allow them to select and also operate the most suitable electromechanical equipment, on a project or system of sanitary engineering.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

José Manuel Leitão Sardinha, Leonor Miranda Monteiro do Amaral


Weekly - 3

Total - 42

Teaching language



The main requirements are acquired in the previous disciplines in the course of environmental engineering / sanitary engineering.


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Teaching method

The teaching methods are based on the combination of more theoretical modules where the fundamental principles and concepts are introduced and where the students are given the generic guide of the subjects, with moments of more applied character where the students develop their skills. Research and self-study are strongly encouraged.

Evaluation method

The evaluation consists of the result obtained through the arithmetic average of the results of two evaluation tests performed during the semester.

Subject matter

Presentation and characterization of the main electromechanical  equipments used in sanitary engineering. Description of the installation, operation and maintenance of those equipments.

Main control systems, automation and Instrumentation used in sanitary engineering.

Visits to wastewater treatment facilities, with explanation, on the field, about the installation, operation and maintenance of the most important electromechanical equipment and control systems, instrumentation and automation.


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