Elements of Analysis and Algebra II


The student must acquire basic knowledge of numerical series and series of functions, differential and integral calculus for functions of several variables, resolution of differential equations and characterization of groups, isometries and symmetries.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Elvira Júlia Conceição Matias Coimbra


Weekly - 6

Total - 67

Teaching language



The student must have elementary knowledge in analysis, namely, sequences of real numbers, differential and integral calculus in R.


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Teaching method

Available soon

Evaluation method

Evaluation is made by two tests along the semester or a final exam.The final classification is the weighted mean of the classification of the tests or, in alternative , the mark  obtained in the final exam.

Subject matter

1. Series of real numbers, power series; Taylor expansions.

2. Functions of several real variables: continuity, differentiation and multiple integrals.

3. Ordinary differential equations (first and second order).

4. Elementary group theory. Groups of symmetries.

More detailed information is available in the Portuguese version.