Biomolecular Techniques II


It is intended that students have a vision and an integrated practice of 
various laboratorial methods used in the research area of biochemistry.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

José Ricardo Ramos Franco Tavares


Weekly - 2

Total - 28

Teaching language



General knowledge of experimental biochemistry.


Scientific manuscripts.

The search for references will be performed by the students according to the project chosen.

Teaching method

Teaching methodology is tutorial and practical.

Evaluation method

This Course is of the Seminar-type, so no Tests or Exams are planned.


The final grade has teh follwoing contributions:

- Laboratorial performance of the student (30%)

- Written report (50%)

- Oral presentation of the report (20%)

Subject matter

This course follows Biomolecular Techniques I, where the students have  acquired a knowledge of the different techniques used in Biochemistry .
In this course , students will be faced with a project delivered by professor. During the semester, students will have to plan and execute the experimental work to carry out to achieve the project objectives .
At the end of the experimental work the students have to write an  experimental protocol and do a public apresentation.
The protocol apresented refers to an executable experimental work in 1-2  sessions (4-8 hours) for final year students of Biochemistry degree.


Programs where the course is taught: